Basic and advanced training courses are available now for learning on your schedule. Tailored for both in-house lawyers and legal operations professionals, these hand-picked program lineups meet your department-wide educational needs.

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Essential Onboarding for New In-House Counsel
This course provides the necessary onboarding you need to understand and thrive as a new in-house counsel
A man and woman shake hands with the scales of justice in the background
Next-level Onboarding for New In-House Counsel
Explore some of the more complex, nuanced, and downright challenging roles and issues that in-house counsel face
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Key In-house Issues CLE/CPD Mega Bundle
Assembled in one place are the solutions for addressing the in-house counsel top issues of the year.
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Corporate Accounting & Finance Essentials
A self-paced course to help in-house counsel develop a foundation in accounting and corporate finance.
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ACC Records Management University
Records Management University is here to help you create a program that is compliant and that your employees can actually adhere to.
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Hot Topics Issue Spotting for the In-house Generalist
A self-paced course is designed specifically for the in-house generalist who must be ready to address everything and anything coming their way.
A woman working at a laptop with a virus illustration beside her
COVID Toolkit for In-house Counsel
From crisis management to ethical considerations, this course covers the lessons in-house counsel must learn in a COVID-worn world.
an illustration of a group of diverse women
Unlocking Advancement as Women in Law
A curated package of forward-thinking career development strategies for female leaders presented by female leaders.
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Career Development for Legal Executives
A self-paced course for rising legal executives to learn how to take charge of their professional legacy and continue leveling up.
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