One of the principal activities of the Association of Corporate Counsel is advocacy on public policy matters affecting its members. As the only international bar association comprised solely of in-house attorneys, ACC provides a unique and important perspective on public policy issues. From its inception, ACC recognized the importance of advocacy by — and for — its membership. Advocacy may occur in court, before legislative bodies and regulatory agencies, as well as in appropriate media and professional journals.

ACC’s advocacy activities focus on issues that directly affect the practice of law by its members in their capacity as in-house attorneys. Generally, this may include issues affecting the professional role and status of in-house attorneys, attorney-client privilege, and practice and licensing matters. Additionally, it may include substantive legal issues, where a unique in-house counsel perspective exists, such as the interplay between internal compliance and reporting systems and government enforcement efforts.

Highlights - Legal Privilege

Privileged Conversations: The Future of In-house Attorney-Client Privilege
In 2020, ACC members asked ACC to defend in-house privilege in AG of Massachusetts v. Facebook. Click through to learn more!
Privileged Conversations: Netherlands Court Affirms In-house Privilege
ACC filed a submission before the Rotterdam District Court in support of Royal Dutch Shell’s position that in-house privilege attaches to the work of in-house counsel who meet certain requirements. Click through to learn more!
Quick Overview: Brexit, UK lawyers, and Legal Professional Privilege
After Brexit, will communications between your legal department and UK outside counsel be protected by legal privilege?

The ACC Advocate is Coming Soon

Come back soon to find out more about ACC's Advocacy Initiatives on Legal Privilege, Interjurisdictional Practice, and other issues important to your practice.

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